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Load Trail began as a small family owned business in July of 1996. It consisted of a single 38,000 square foot manufacturing facility on a few acres. Today, in a few short years, we have grown to over 420,000 square feet between our manufacturing facilities and 80+ acres with 14+ mechanized production lines and a fully equipped in-house fabrication shop.

Trailer production began with enclosed trailers, transport trailers and sport trailers. The staff consisted of only 31 employees and three Dodge duallies to deliver our entire product line. Today, Load Trail manufactures additional trailer models including goosenecks, car haulers, single axles, dumps, utilities, landscapes, pintle hooks, hydraulic doves and more and we have added a dedicated stacking bay for loading trailers on to drop decks with overhead crane systems. Since inception, our dedicated staff peaked at over 500 employees in 2007 and we have implemented state of the art technologies to help manage our data and communication needs. Recently, Load Trail combined with sister company (located on the same property), Load Max to offer all trailer lines under one company name.

Load Trail started out with few resources, but has grown into a thriving business that will continue growing as the years pass. Although we have grown, one thing will always stay the same: To us, you will always be number one.



Since 1982, Big Tex Trailers has been synonymous with heavy duty, high-quality trailers. However over the last five years, Big Tex has embarked on a mission that has truly revolutionized the trailer industry. In 2009 during the midst of the “Great Recession,” Big Tex forged a vision to build the absolute “Best Trailers” at the “Best Price” and to be the absolute “Best Partner.”

Big Tex knew that if it provided dealers all the resources to swim profitably against turbulent economic currents that their dealers could thrive regardless of economic conditions. In order to meet the demands of this high-quality heavy duty products, Big Tex Trailers has continued to grow with the marketplace, currently expanding faster than any company in the industry! Big Tex Trailers’ dealers continue to grow at a similar pace, as a partner of Big Tex; the dealers have more available inventory and better marketing than any other group in the US and Canada.



Mission Trailers is an ALCOM Inc. (ALuminum COmpany of Maine) product line. We build over 70 models of open and enclosed aluminum trailers for a wide variety of uses. Our combination of price and quality has fueled our tremendous growth. One of our specialties is custom car haulers. From a 16′ Open Car hauler to a 28′ Enclosed Car Hauler – loaded with cabinets, wardrobes and lights – Mission is your source. ALCOM Inc. is a NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers) Certified company. We manufacturer to established industry standards and U.S. DOT’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).We’re proud to be an American owned company focused on designing and building the highest quality aluminum trailers available.




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